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How to Make “Survival Cement” Out of Mud

What are you gonna do if your home is destroyed in a major disaster? There’ll probably be many people in the same situation as you, and building materials may be scarce or unavailable. Because of this, it’s probably a good idea to know how to make a type of “survival cement,” or “mud mortar,” as some people call it. Let’s dive into exactly how you can go about making this material so you’ll be able to keep you and your family safe if, god forbid, you have to rebuild, and you don’t have any cement.

The Magic of Mud and Grass

A mixture of grasses and mud can be used to make “survival cement” in a survival situation. You can use survival cement to build shelters, kilns, or even cookware. To make cement in the wild, you need mud and grass – that’s it!

Get Some Clay-Rich Mud

Find a source of clay-rich mud to get started. High clay content mud will stick to your hands and keep its shape after being released. Higher clay content means better quality cement.

Get Some Grass (Not That Kind of Grass!)

For most projects, you’ll need to cut grass into 6 to 12-inch segments. For larger projects, you can use longer lengths. You can layer grass with the blades parallel to one another between layers of mortar. Add the clay mud to a container. Stir until it becomes squishy but not runny. The clay mud should be moist enough to mold but not too wet so that the shape of the container is lost. Wetter mortars work well with bricks. It flows more easily between bricks, fills cracks better, and fills crevices faster.

Mix the Mud and Grass Together

Place the mud on a piece of tarp. You can mix the grass and the mud by stepping on them. Add about 40% to 60% of the mixture of grass and mud. Once the mixture is well mixed, flatten it and then fold it over itself until you get a ball. Then add more grass to the mixture and continue mixing the mud and grass together. You should get a mixture that contains between 40% and 60% grass. The cement should be used immediately after it has dried and set. Cover the cement if you have too much grass to harvest. This will preserve the cement’s moisture. You can add more water if you need it.

Stay Self-Reliant

It’s vital to stay self-reliant in a chaotic, unpredictable world. Digging your own well is another important skill to have, along with knowing how to make your own cement. Stay prepared!

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