Hello, my name is Dan and just like you I have concerns about preparing for the future. I do not consider myself a survivalist so much as a person who wants to be prepared for the worst while hoping for the best. My life has all been about looking forward, taking care of my family, and making sure I’m as prepared as I can be for events that might occur.

It all started in my teen years when our neighborhood was hit by a tornado. I remember my family stuffing ourselves into a closet complete with our pets. We were lucky in that our home was not hit, but the tornado did strike some of our neighbor’s homes. I remember driving with my dad through one street after another looking at the damage it caused.

I didn’t think much about that event until I started to have my own family and realized that I wasn’t sure what to do in case the worst should strike. Things only got worse when I realized that preparing for a tornado might not be the worst event that my family might face.


This is when I began my quest to become better prepared. I started with the basics. I looked over what we had in the home, what options were available in case the worst should happen, and what would we do in case things did go south?

I discovered that I needed to have more than just a few days of food and water around. I needed to create a plan that combined stored food and water, growing my own food, and survival tips in case the worst happened. Over the past few years, I’ve been able to gather information and employ proven survival techniques and create a well-rounded system for protecting my family.

Why I Created This Site?

And now I bring my knowledge and experience to you. I’ve taken what I’ve learned and created a website that provides you with the tips, hints, and plans necessary to help you protect your family from disasters of all types. Nothing beats the feeling of knowing that you are properly prepared when things do not go right.

I created this website because I realize it’s not enough just to protect my family. I need to share this knowledge with others so they can be prepared as well. A community that can respond to disasters is much stronger than just one household. And this is why I bring you my tips, preparations, and recommendations on emergency kits and supplies that you can purchase.