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What is Monkey Butter?

Have you ever heard of monkey butter? If this has piqued your interest as much as most people did, then you might want to know more about it. Though it may seem like a prank or a joke, monkey butter is something real, and a lot of people have been making it for years. What is monkey butter, and how do you make it yourself? Below are some things that you would want to know about monkey butter that you might find useful when you want to make things for different situations such as survival.

Monkey Butter Ingredients

While there are not a lot of people who know about monkey butter, there are also a lot of people that have been making this for a long time. In case you are planning to try your hand at making one, you must know what it is made of. Monkey butter is composed of different natural fruits such as coconut, pineapples and most of all, bananas. This means that it is more than 100% safe to eat and also fun and easy to make. It is also very delicious, so you should have no problems trying it out.

Nutritional Facts

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Now that you know exactly what it is made of, it would be good to know about what nutrients it contains. The monkey butter is, in fact, very nutritious as it is a great source of vitamin B6 together with soluble fibers. It also comes with vitamin C, potassium and manganese. Bananas are known to help with reducing colorectal cancer, cell carcinoma and even breast cancer. There are many wonders that bananas can do, and that is certainly enough reason for you to try this out. It is a jam that you and your kids will surely love, and because it is so easy to make, you can store a couple of jars at home.

The Shelf Life

When it comes to preparing for survival, you want to make sure that you are well stocked up on everything in your pantry. At the same time, you want to have food that has a long shelf life. The monkey batter is good for around 4 to 6 weeks which may not seem a lot, but if you try to have a regular stock of this, it can save you in the long run. After all, the lemon juice that is included in the recipe for it keeps the bananas very fresh.

Monkey butter is exactly what you expect it to be: a banana made product. And while bananas are known to spoil easily, this is a good way to make them last in a way that you are going to enjoy them too. Kids love this, and you will surely come to love it once you taste it too. Try making some and having some stock of it in your fridge. Make sure to label it so you know exactly how long it is going to last you so you can make another batch when you finish one.

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