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6 Essential Stockpiling Tips for Smart Preppers

You need all the gear and supplies you can to prepare for an emergency situation. Food is one of the most essential supplies you will need. It is important to have enough food to sustain you and your family during a major event. Here’s some key things you need to do to prepare

Plan Your Stockpiling

First, determine when you can buy your supplies. If you have the funds to purchase your supplies immediately, then go ahead. It’s great to be able to buy all you need for the next year. If you don’t have the money to buy everything you need, you might consider starting small and slowly building up your savings.

Get Tons of Water

Every member of your family will need water to survive an emergency. It’s essential to have a well-stocked stockpile. It is important to have at least one gallon of water per person each day. That’s a lot of water! Many sanitizing products are available that can help you get rid of any extra water.

Buy Food that Lasts

You should also take the time to look at the right kinds of food before you start stockpiling food. Food that can be stored for a long time is essential. This includes canned, dehydrated, and vacuum-packed food. This will help ensure that your family is safe. Healthy foods such as cereals, nuts, dried fruits, peanut butter, and trail mix will be important to ensure your family is well-nourished.

Ease Into It

You don’t have to make a huge shopping trip in order to build an emergency food stash. Many stores limit the number of essential items you can purchase in one trip. This is especially true if a pandemic has begun in your area. It is important to begin your stockpile even if there is not an emergency. You can stockpile food easily on a budget by buying two to three items each time you go grocery shopping.

Proper Storage is Essential

You’ll want to protect the food and water once you have purchased it. This means that you need to keep your supplies dry and cool. This means that a crawlspace or basement is ideal, but you don’t want these items to be kept refrigerated as this could accelerate decay. You don’t want everything to be stored together. You don’t want any of your food to get damaged if it happens to one of them.

Organization is Key

You should organize your stockpile items in a logical way in the storage area you choose. It is best to group items together, arranging them in order of expiration date. Keep items with the earliest expiration dates at either the top or front of your pile to ensure that they are used first.

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